How Can I Help?

To volunteer with 4Cs Community Coordinated Child Care, please email Susan Gray at

In 2016 – 2017 4Cs work was supported by the following funders:


  1. Johnson County Social Services:
    Johnson County supports homeless children attending Home Ties Child Care Center.
    Johnson County supports the Crisis Child care program which provides support to anyone in Johnson County that is dealing with a crisis and needing child care.
    Johnson County supported the purchase of a van to provide transportation to children attending Home Ties & living in the shelters.
    Johnson County provided a Sustainability Grant which enabled the agency to replace the lightning with LED lighting and purchase a more energy-proficient  air conditioner.

  2. Johnson County Empowerment:
    Johnson County Empowerment funds homeless children attending Home Ties.
    Johnson County Empowerment supports child care programs through funding education, coaching and consultations.

  3. United Way of Johnson and Washington Counties provides overall support to all the agency’s work.

  4. DHLW – Early Childhood Iowa supports education and conssultations with early childhood care & education programs in Washington County.

  5. University of Iowa supports the development of programs providing infant care

  6. City of Iowa City provides support to 4Cs to support programs that serve a high % of families that receive child care assistance.

  7. City of Coralville supports all the agency’s work.

  8. Community Foundation  of Johnson County provides resources for early childhood programs.

  9. Hills Bank & Old Capitol Kiwanis supported the development of a phostographic display depicting early learning

  10. Lucky’s and HyVee provided support to Home Ties.